Trip reports

Week 2

13 Oct 2021 to
17 Oct 2021

A trip full of Dentists! We had brothers Zaakir and Huzaind and best mates Jaco and Dirk join us for our second week in camp. We were expecting some bad weather, with a front moving through on the second day, bringing cold weather and high wind. The weather was predictable but the fish were not! On the first day the group split up with half on the drift and the others on the pools and rapids. We spent a good part of the morning looking for fish in the riffles and found only schools of muddies. We eventually got up to the bucket and started pinning small yellows mostly on small hotspot nymphs. The Dry fly takes were few and far between but enough to keep the guys going and eventually paid off.

The real action though was on the drift in the slow water, the guys figured out the pattern! The smiles on the faces with each return from the drift were something to behold. Initially it was the numbers of fish they got, 6-10/ session and on one occasion they pinned 6 Largemouth in 6 casts from a single small and unassuming bush – incredible! The smiles started to show some teeth on the second and third days, with three absolutely stonking fish making their appearance. Two fish of 15lb and one brute, caught by Eddie Rall, of 17lb set the new camp record!

Congrats to all of the guys who all caught their first Largemouth on the trip and created some epic memories in the tough conditions.