Trip reports

Maldives 2023 Season End

20 Mar 2023 to
26 Mar 2023

We landed in the Maldives to some incredible weather; almost no wind, flat seas and some really hot weather.

We were joined on this week by 4 guests, Hugh, Sean, Keith and Marchandt who returned to get his GT on fly. After the long haul flights were finally done, the guys got their gear together in the evening and were off early to bed to start what would be a magical trip to the Maldives.

Keith was first on the board with a beautiful GT on a big double barrel popper from the boat off the end of a spectacular reef, close to our home island.

The atoll is well protected and there is very limited local pressure on any of the areas that we have fished over the seasons. With the account open so early into the trip the guys were hugely optimistic! As it so often goes, good early confidence can be quickly replaced with long sessions with little to report back, in this case we scratched a few fish here and there but the general feeling was of stillness rather than the general chaos that comes with GT’s marauding on the reef. There fish kept coming through though with some notable catches including a beautiful bone fish and a number of reef species that kept the juices flowing.

After a tough couple of days, the fishing began to turn, with GT’s surfing waves and a fish or two coming to hand in each session. On the final day the taps opened and the reef came alive with GT’s and massive Bluefin! Standing on an abandoned beacon tower we could see GT’s hunting down the baitfish taking refuge in the shallowest part of the reef. A huge Nurse Shark entered the reef with a monstrous GT on his back hoping to snap up any fleeing prey. The shouts from the tower were frantic, and eventually there were GT’s on the other end and smiles from ear to ear!

We have ended off the first Maldives season with new friends and some great intel to get us off to a running start in the next season.

Don’t miss out on this incredible destination and the chance to be blown away by the power of these beastly fish.

Rob Jeffrey