Trip reports

Diamond River, Week 5

23 Nov 2023 to
26 Nov 2023

We got to the camp early the day before and had a quick patrol of the top beat on the boat and found some grass carp hovering around the structure. A close cast in at them with a wooly bugger yielded a good sized fish. We quickly moved into the top rapid and had a few casts before heading back to camp before the big storm hit us.

The next morning we were joined by 3 new guests on the week which had gone with the bad weather theme! Arriving at Kimberley airport in the pouring rain and cold, the guys made a quick stop at the bottle store and we were off in the freezing cold down to the Camp. 2 hours later, after having a look at the historical sites, the guys had their rods rigged up and were into the fishing thick and fast.

The carp spawn had begun with a vengeance! A fly put close on the fringes of the spawning fish to the pigs vacuuming in the mud was not often refused. These fish are great targets on the fly and pull like hell! We do prefer yellows though, so after we had our fun, we moved on and got stuck into some great yellows with everyone getting their first Yellows on fly!

For any angler who has never touched a fly rod, its like learning to ride a bike! Impossible at first and then into the gradual progression with some incredible reward. This trip was incredibly rewarding, the guys did incredibly well, from never touching a fly rod to spotting fish, making a good cast and finally fighting a fish in difficult circumstances is incredibly rewarding as the angler, but almost more so for the guide!

The fish above was spotted rising in a beautiful glide. We snuck into position and a great cast resulted in the fish hitting the hopper aggressively! A powerful run was managed beautifully and a stunning free rising Yellow came to the net. This was only the start.

We ended off the trip in a fast run all fishing together. Every fish met with shouts and laughs, ending with a beautiful Largie snapping a rod but leaving smiles imprinted forever on the face of a young angler!