Trip reports

Diamond River 2023, Week 2.

18 Sep 2023 to
24 Sep 2023

We were joined by our second group after 2 years of postponement due to the floods. On the first afternoon we headed down to the lowest beat and got the guys stuck into some smallies to break the ice. It was well and truly shattered, with over 50 Smallies coming to hand. This was the indication that the fish had now begun the journey into the shallows with the mudfish spawn starting that evening. The water was alive with fish!

The week was beautifully warm but there still seemed to be erratic fish movements, the smallies were inconsistent, moving in and out of the shallows and never having a real pattern. The constant however was the incredible evening Cadis hatch. Every evening we got into position at the confluence of two channels and waited for the hatch that kicked off as soon as the sun dipped below the horizon.

The action starts slowly and then builds into an incredible boiling water surface of what feels like hundreds of fish engulfing the hatching and adult Cadis. An Elk Hair Cadis presented down and across to a feeding pod of fish is not often refused.

The Largies started to come to the party with 11 fish on the trip, with one beautiful fish of 14lb. The smallies however were out in full force with a number of stonking fish taken on nymphs and streamers.

We also fortunately narrowly escaped a very large veld fire that had approached from the opposite bank, turning and burning back on itself just before reaching the bank. The fires have devastated the whole Kimberley area a few years ago and we are hoping that the farmers and landowners get a break from them this season with some welcome early rains.