Trip reports

Diamond River 2023, Week 1

12 Sep 2023 to
16 Sep 2023

The first week of our season started off with some extreme cold, down to -2 degrees on the first few evening and accompanied by some pretty nasty wind as another cold front blasted through the Cape.

Not to be deterred, the gents joining us from Pretoria got on the board early with a beautiful 15lb Largemoth on the drift. The pickings were slow lower down and we managed to scratch out some smallmouth from the deeper runs.

Every morning got progressively warmer, and the hopes higher of the activity to pick up. Apps were checked, barometers were scrutinized and an army of flies were brough out every morning on the breakfast table to try and crack the code.

As the week progressed, the weather warmed considerably and the fish followed suit. The last day and a half were on fire, the Smallies had moved into the rapids in the afternoon and the Largemouth were showing themselves more regularly. Swinging MSP’s through the rapids produced some hefty Smallies and definitely kept the spirits high and the guys casting. The persistence paid off and by the end of the trip everyone had a few tales of the big ones that got away.

At the end of the week we ended with around 100 Smallies and 7 Largies. Some tough conditions met with great guys and a brief show of what was to come for the next week.