Welcome to Diamond River Outfitters

Our ambition is making your African fly fishing experience unforgettable

Who We Are

Diamond River Outfitters is a small dedicated team, specializing in remote wilderness fly fishing camps.

We take guests off the well traveled path in style. Our guests can expect exceptional fishing, beautiful places and dedicated people.

Our mission is to create lifelong memories and preserving fertile fishing grounds.


  • To create a world renowned, remote African fishing safari experience.
  • Continually exploring new locations to find the most authentic, untouched and forgotten places for African Fly Fishing.
  • To provide any person, regardless of your skill levels, a thrilling fishing and outdoors experience.
  • To provide community benefaction to local communities to ensure the long term viability of operations.
  • To partner with brands who connect with our vision and mission


Diamond River Camp

Largemouth and Smallmouth Yellowfish

Diamond River Outfitters premier camp is located on the banks of the Lower Vaal on a beautiful and historic Nature Reserve, a venue of beautiful and varied habitats and staggering fishing.

Groot Marico

Bushveld Largescale Yellowfish

A rare chance at Large Scale Yellows of up to 6lb in a pristine river. This river will test your close quarters combat casting skills. Set in a hidden valley on the Groot Marico River in a beautiful old farm house, this location will give you a real sense of the Groot Marico of old.

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